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4 ways to optimize your time this semester
When the semester is pushing you down and you don’t feel like you can manage to do it all, just remember that you can. This article will explain exactly how you can do just that.

How to make space in a dorm room
After winter break, you may have inevitably brought back more boxes of itchy sweaters and useless stuff than can possibly fit in your dorm room. But fear not! Here are 6 surefire ways to make extra space.

Moving out for summer: What to do with your stuff
Stress is always high at college, but it can be even higher during transitional periods. Eliminate that stress by being prepared and knowing exactly what you’re going to do with your stuff before you move out of college this May.

Save your eyes: 4 tips for preventing computer vision syndrome
Is your vision ever blurry after prolonged computer use? Take a quick break from staring at that research paper Word Document–it will save you from more than just a headache.

Articles Published on The Huffington Post College

Five Common Interview Blunders to Avoid in College
Nervous for an upcoming interview? Be prepared and learn what not to do here. Five Real Interview Blunders to Avoid in College–advice from an insider of a Fortune 500 company!

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Beukes’ “The Shining Girls”—Disturbing, Dark, and Delightful

A book review of Lauren Beukes’ best-selling novel, The Shining Girls.

Centralized Dining: Jeopardizing Community or Adjusting to Modern Standards?

Dining Services contemplates the benefit of centralized dining on the Mount Holyoke College campus.

Top 25 Reasons to Never Leave Mount Holyoke
Mount Holyoke College claims on their website that since Mount Holyoke is “the oldest institution of higher learning for women, it’s only fitting to have some treasured traditions. As a student, you’ll quickly discover that the College’s traditions bring the community closer together and create some of your most memorable Mount Holyoke moments.”

Joseph Goldin Doing It All Thanks to ADHD
A must read for all individuals who have to cope with ADHD. For Joseph Goldin, ADHD isn’t a disorder, it’s a blessing.

Five Real Interview Blunders to Avoid
Five real interview blunders and what you can learn from them–advice from an anonymous HR Representative in a Fortune 500 company.

Love Persists: Mount Holyoke Compliments

“To everyone who is working and striving to make our wonderful Mount Holyoke Community a better place; to everyone who is working to fill it with more love and less hate, thank you!! You are wonderful.”—Anonymous

21 Sober Things to Do on Your 21st Birthday
Twenty-one fun and sober 21st Birthday ideas for non-drinkers, dedicated athletes, and anyone else who would rather have a birthday that doesn’t leave them throwing up all night.

How to Burn Calories without Even Trying
Maximize your ability to burn calories without even stepping foot into the gym by adding some extra passion and energy into your everyday, simple routines.

Unconventional Ways to Make Money this Semester
piggy bankA list of four easy ways to earn some extra cash this semester. Following these steps will guarantee you will pull out a thick wad of cash every time you stick your hand in your pocket.

Jump off that Waitlist and into that Class
Follow these steps to avoid waitlists altogether, or learn the tricks to jump off the waitlist and into your desired classes for that coveted, perfect schedule.

“May We Please Have some Respect?”

A respectful rant about rude customers at the ice cream window.

Excuses that Kill

drinkinganddrivingNo matter how many accidents, critical injuries, and deaths that occur due to drunk driving, people continue to consume the toxic liquid. With all of these morbid consequences, why do people continue to choose to drink and drive?

Too Old to Sleep with a “Ted”?
mywildnightwithtedAre you ever too old to hold onto your childhood and sleep with your teddy bear or security blanket?

Traveling while Abroad: Expensive Inconveniences that just might Surprise You
Before traveling abroad, everyone always researches the basics; where they are going, where they are staying, how they are getting there, etc., but there are a few important aspects people often skip over in their frenzied rush to start their adventures, and forgetting about these little details can cost you big bucks in the end.

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